Monday, 4 February 2019

The name used to baptize

Spaceliner The name used to baptize with aircraft speed will allow travel between the United States and Europe in just 60 minutes or between Europe and Australia in about 90 minutes. This project, which is still defined as part of the design. That was abandoned in 2007 that was assisted by the German Institute of Space Systems (DLR)

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And this is something

And this is something that, in partnership with the Catholic school Integra and SM, developed the Educamos, which is a model of the Catholic school's ICT center, to transform into an open, flexible and dynamic digital educational ecosystem.

After about a year of parliamentary hearings on December 5, the new organic law for the protection of personal information and the digital rights guarantee (LOPD-GDD) has been approved in Spain. The approval of this rule occurs when no one expects to have a few months after the full application in Europe on May 25 of the General Data Protection Rule (RGPD).

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Kaspersky tuned in immediately

Kaspersky tuned in immediately with the Virtual Bodyguard © project, understanding the unequivocal educational intentionality that inspires him as a kind of driving school in the use of new technologies by children and adolescents, as he likes to emphasize the Director General of Integra, Enrique The edge. On the part of Kaspersky, Alfonso Ramírez (General Director of Kaspersky Spain) and Enrique Herrero (Consumer Director of Kaspersky Spain) piloted from the beginning the negotiations with Integra, with the excellent result of a fruitful agreement signed 9 months ago.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a reliable software program. Integra has carried out exhaustive tests of it, highlighting that the application has very positive aspects such as the elegant and usable user interface, the proper functioning of the geofencing (establishment of security area, daily / hourly configuration of the area, warnings), as well as of the configuration of the access permissions to Apps (also daily / hourly, allowing to select categories of apps, for greater convenience, and choosing between blocking or warning).

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These specific principles

In this line, the norm requires schools to have the consent of the minor or their legal representatives for publication or dissemination through social networks (or equivalent information society services) of any personal data that affects them, for example, their name, their photograph, their qualifications, etc. This situation, whose habituality does not escape anyone, requires the school to ensure that the parents or legal representatives of minors consent to the dissemination or publication of their personal data in digital environments.

These specific principles and obligations put educational centers in the eye of the control authorities, who, like the rest of the subjects bound by the norm, are subject to the relevant sanctioning scheme promulgated by the RGPD, which allows the authorities imposition of sanctions of up to 20 million euros.

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They are more likely

The public today wants to understand the why behind the what. They are more likely to trust what you recommend if the suggestion comes with an explanation. Why the program has a high rating? What do the critics say? How likely are I to enjoy this show? How did others like me value it?

37% of those surveyed by PwC say they do not want to waste their time starting a new program that they do not like, and that personalized recommendations are too risky. Helping consumers make the decision for themselves should be the goal of companies like Netflix, and also like BBVA.

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